Car tyres are among the most commonly replaced components on a vehicle. Tyres receive a lot of wear and need to be replaced occasionally to maintain the safety of your car. Professional tyre fitters can help you select the right tyres for your vehicle. However, not every driver knows when replacement is necessary.

Tyres Include Tread Wear Indicators

Tyres have treads, which help prevent hydroplaning on wet roads. The treads provide grip on the road and become worn with regular use. As the treads wear, the tyres become less capable of dispersing water, increasing your risk of accident in wet or snowy conditions.

To help you determine when replacement is needed, the tyres include tread wear indicators. These indicators are moulded into the tyre between the grooves of the treads. You can also inspect the wear on the tyre by measuring the depth of the tread.

The minimum tread depth is 1.5 millimetres. However, car manufacturers often suggest that you replace the tyres before the tread depth reaches this legal minimum depth.

Examine the Tyre Pressure to Detect Holes

Holes and punctures in your tyres are not always easy to detect, especially if you have a slow leak. Most modern vehicles are equipped with various computerised sensors, including tyre pressure sensors. Check the tyre pressure regularly. Changes to the pressure may indicate a puncture in the tyre.

Tyres Need to Carry the Weight of Your Car

Paying attention to the tread depth and tyre pressure helps you determine when the tyres need to be replaced. If you need new tyres, the first consideration is the size of the tyres.

Tyres are designed to handle the weight of the vehicle. If the tyres are too small, they receive more weight than they can handle and will wear quicker. However, you also want to avoid purchasing tyres that are too large, as this can impact the speed and performance of the vehicle.

Manufacturers provide a recommended size. Typically, you will want to stay within a 3% difference of the recommended tyre size.

Tyre Fitters Help Select the Best Tyres

If you need help determining if your tyres need to be replaced, or if you need assistance selecting the right tyres, visit professional tyre fitters in Stoke-on-Trent.

Finding the right tyres for your vehicle can be confusing and frustrating. You need to ensure that you select the right size, among other details. Expert tyre fitters can help you find the right tyres for any make, model, and budget.

Maintaining your vehicle is necessary. Besides regular oil changes and annual MOT tests, you need to pay attention to the condition of your tyres. Examine the tread depth regularly and consider replacing your tyres based on the weather conditions. For assistance in selecting the right tyre, do not forget to visit a qualified tyre fitter.