Your vehicle normally has an accompanying manufacturer’s warranty from the time of purchase up until the warranty conditions are expended. This may be a good way to cover the costs of major breakdowns or failure, but it only lasts for three years or your car mileage has reached a maximum of 65,000 miles.

It is common knowledge that most problems occur after this initial coverage has expired. Everyday wear and tear make your vehicle susceptible to problems and these cost a lot of money. Issues start to manifest when car owners are not keen on maintenance and often leave their vehicle neglected.

A service contract or what is known as an extended auto warranty generally protects your vehicle after the initial coverage has expired. Offered by a third-party company, protracted auto warranty gives the assurance of protection against untoward breakdowns and mechanical failure.

While there is plenty of warranty service providers around the State of New Jersey, NCWC Inc. has made their name stand out for providing quality service and value for money. They are the go-to warranty provider because of their exceptional customer service and comprehensive programs that provide more than just the basics.

NCWC Inc. is a division of Palmer Administrative Services Inc. ( located in Ocean, New Jersey. They have been in the auto warranty sector for several decades to understand what it means to provide the best quality service to their policyholders.

Because NCWC Inc. has been in constant partnership with one of the most trusted warranty provider in New Jersey, they also offer some of the most customizable warranty protection in the market. These plans and programs suitably fit every driver’s needs in consideration to their driving patterns.

Aside from providing the essential compensation for breakdowns and damage, NCWC Inc. also provides extra services as part of the contract terms. This value-for-money assistance gives every policyholder the benefits of having reliable mechanics and technicians work on their vehicle with the assurance that it will be done with expertise.

Coverage is also transferrable which simply means an upgrade in its value if you plan to sell your vehicle in the future. NCWC Inc. also provides national coverage which is available both in the US and Canada.

NCWC Inc.’s Trip Interruption Protection makes every travel convenient even when a major car breakdown happens. The company will cover for up to as much as $75 a day for an overnight stay and food allowance to any motel or lodging houses across the country.

The basic offers are also one of the best in the industry. Payment plans are conveniently flexible and affordable, so it fits right within your budget. Car rentals, roadside assistance, and a lockout assistance in case you lose your keys are some of the benefits of enrolling in NCWC Inc’s service contract program.

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