The Royal Protection Plan is designed to ensure that the customer is not being inconvenienced while taking in a lesser premium for extended service coverage.

Among the key features is the absence of certified garage shops as a requirement for the customers before they can bring in their cars for repair, unlike other insurers which make the vehicle owner jump through hoops in order to avoid payment.

After filing for a claim, customers can expect that their application will be processed immediately to make sure the car is not rendered useless at home or at the repair shop while the paperwork is being sorted out.

In fact, Royal will send a rental car to be used by the customer for free if the car needs to stay in the garage shop for days.

Royal has been in the business for more than two decades already. Over that span, it managed to build a network of insurers with the track record of paying claims. The company is careful about who it works with because, in the end, it is staking its reputation with every premium it sells.

The BBB rating for Royal Protection Plan, in fact, is an excellent 4.34 out of 5 stars, which speaks volumes about the way it does business.

There are other benefits to getting the Royal Protection Plan, as well, such as roadside assistance or lockout assistance. The former involves free towing to the local garage shop, tire change, delivery of fuel or battery. Of course, the cost of fuel and the battery is not included in the plan.

With lockout assistance, the company will shoulder the cost of sending a licensed locksmith to open your car in case you left your keys inside.

The Trip Interruption Protection component of the plan will cover costs that the customer may incur if he is still 100 miles from home, stranded because of a failed motor part listed in the insurance premium. The budget is pegged at $75 per day for meals and hotels.

The Royal Protection Plan can also be transferable in case you sell your vehicle. This means that the buyer will enjoy the same benefits that you do without paying extra. That should give your car added value, which helps dispose of it faster.

One of the main advantages of the Royal Protection Plan is its flexibility, and that means there’s no shortage in the number of payment plans that are suited for the customers’ budget.

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