Honda Amaze has come up with exciting features. It is the first vehicle manufactured with a diesel engine by Honda. This new model created many expectations as it is an important model launched by the company. The success rate is high since its launch. Within five years, the vehicle has reached around three lakh households. Based on customer feedback, they have launched with many exciting and important features. The fuel efficiency has increased to 1.2 liters for petrol engines and 1.5 liters for diesel engines.

Let us deep dive into various features and driving reviews of the vehicle.

External Design: The cool and stylish front is accompanied by a large chunky silver coated grill. It has LED pilot lamp with other two regular headlamps in the shape of ‘L’. The coating is made of steel that weighs around 40 kg that is lighter yet stronger. The design is very new compared to the other old models. It has a subtle waistline and tail lamps that are C shaped, that enhances the look.

Interior features: Unlocking the cars can be done through proximity sensors. The dashboard attracts with a color combination of beige black. The entire interior is beige colored to enhance the space available. The seats are shaped well with adjustable neck rests. It has better backseats with larger space to keep your legs. The cabin width is broadened to 80 mm but still suitable only for two passengers for a comfortable journey.  The air conditioning compressor is large and helps to provide chillness during scorching summers.

Entertainment features: Honda Amaze uses an upgraded version of the system in Honda City called Honda Digipad system. It supports both Android and apple system features. Audio quality is very good and the speakers are placed on the doors. The touchscreen is 7 inches long that directs users to operate various systems. The font is very clear and you need not to wear specs or keen your eyes to see them.

Riding Honda Amaze:  It prevents the passengers from feeling bumps on pothole roads by absorption facilities. With all the four passengers, the ground clearance is tested to be 170mm. High-speed travel makes the car bouncing and vertical motion while traveling on wavy surfaces. The steering feels heavy and cannot be turned easily. The brakes are great and provide confidence to drivers while decreasing speed.

Additional features: Honda Amaze has other features that make it unique to give attention for. It has electrically foldable mirrors that are quite cool. It has a shark fin antenna, climate control, reverse camera, and the best cruise control. Safety features in Honda Amaze are really amazing as it has double airbags at the front, child seat mounts and parking sensors.

In terms of its comfort, style, and features, Honda Amaze is quite better to most of its in-line models. The advantages to looking up are lot more compared to shortcomings. If you need to buy a car with a good budget, then Honda Amaze is the best choice.