The 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 was viewed as one of the finest pickup trucks you ever wanted to have and it had been engineered for providing you superior quality drivability plus value for money. This vehicle made its stand in the form of one full-sized pickup leader who stood strong amongst other trucks, thus, making its presence felt with its standout styles. This version was a little transformed from the 2010 version with some included features plus upgraded accessories. This vehicle was armed with an Outdoorsman package which came in place of the older TRX versions and it was armed with its individual set of various upgrades.

Now, in the Miami 2019 Ram 1500 edition, you can witness a re-engineered chassis which is both stronger and lighter than before. It is making an exclusive utilization of high-strength steel that results in this truck’s ladder-type frame that shed 100 pounds. The additional weight savings is the result of a novice electronic parking-brake system and this is 20 pounds lighter compared to the old cable-operated unit. A six-pound weight drop happened because of an electrically assisted power-steering feature besides other aluminum compounds, like engine mounts, tailgate, the front-suspension, transmission cross members, and the steering wheel.

Quality and comfort

In terms of comfort and quality, this truck is given 9 out of 10 points and it is considered above average. It is equipped with extraordinary front seats plus the stretched-out rear seat in well-known crew cabs. The fine materials are also found on work-grade Tradesman trims. This vehicle has got small stuff meant for every passenger out there. USB ports that comprise USB-C are all scattered. In this vehicle, you can reach out to every control. Additionally, luxury features are accessible all across. The rear seat riders get a particularly nice place where they can stretch out their legs and the rear seat backrest does lean back.

There isn’t any shortage of cubbies and pockets in this truck and by this it is meant, passengers and drivers have got countless ways to lose their notebooks and pens. Obviously, Ram is viewed as a pickup and the bed is predictably large. The beds are of 5’7 or 6’4 length and optional bins are combined into the bedsides that are marketed by the name Ram Boxes. You will discover a bed liner, cargo tie-downs, and lights for increasing flexibility. You can prefer the Lone Star trim or the Big Horn and the dash and door panels of these vehicles are finished in materials which are excessively soft to touch.

Extraordinary features

All the versions of Miami 2019 RAM 1500 are well-equipped. Though the base Ram Tradesman does make sense for your work use, yet most of the buyers would opt for the Big Horn. Again, if you are in Texas, you can go for Lone Star trim level too. This truck comes equipped with chrome bumpers, 18-inch alloy wheels, and cloth upholstery. The Lariat is an excellent splurge with soft leather seats and they are both cooled and heated. Additionally, there is a 7.0-inch screen which has been fixed in the instrument collection.