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5 Things You Should Know About Tires And Snow

Mother Nature has a way of ruining your day and sometimes a little snow can land your vehicle in an auto body shop El Paso. So here are some tips on how to avoid sending your baby into the car hospital.

Snow on the road! Do not worry; we give you the keys so that your vehicle is not thrown on the side of the road when it snows and you can reach your destination.

There are some general precautions to take when driving in winter. In summary, we will indicate a series of tips to keep in mind;

  • Watch out for the windshield and car windows. The brushes must be in perfect condition. Be careful with the ice; you must have a scraper or use warm water, never hot as it could damage the windshield, there are also alcohol-based products to break the ice. If possible, we will leave the car in a covered place, thus avoiding the formation of ice at low temperatures.

  • Check the battery; in winter, when this element suffers the most, if it gives any sign of fatigue, change it quickly. Look at its age, and from the third year on, pay regular attention to it.
  • Check the levels of both the antifreeze liquid and the oil level and its viscosity, which in the cold tends to become denser.
  • Special windshield washer fluid for winter, we recommend a -20º C or better a -30º C. There is nothing worse than driving on a snowy road behind other vehicles and not being able to clean the windshield.
  • Although it rarely happens, if we leave the tank with little fuel it can freeze, in Central European countries, fuels carry an antifreeze, something that does not happen in our country (Andorra supplies special diesel in winter). It is advisable to take warm clothes if the fault is motor and we cannot turn on the heating.
  • Check the tires’ condition and take special equipment for driving in the snow, such as chains, etc. (We will detail it later).
  • Check the operation of the lights, bring a spare.
  • Drive prudently, very smoothly, avoid any type of abrupt maneuver (strong braking, strong acceleration, excessive steering wheel rotation, etc.) and always keep your distance.
  • Bring a small Kit; Mobile with a full battery, flashlight, water, gloves, blanket, and a small first-aid kit.

Liquid or Spray Snow Chains

In the first place, because the manufacturers themselves indicate that it only serves to get us out of a specific hurry. They are applied to the tire (driving wheels), they are left to act for a few minutes, and we can move on.


These types of chains are relatively new but very popular. They are placed on the driving wheels, and it can circulate with some normality at low speed, no more than 50 km / h. They take up little space, are easy to put on and take off, the rolling is constant, without the typical rattle of link chains in case of little snow.

Fixed Chains or Spike-Spider

The Spike-Spider is best known, but there are other brands with similar systems such as the Thule (K-Summit) brand or other brands. These are easy-to-assemble chains, which require a prior assembly of a base on each of the wheels, which will remain fixed, and when we need them, we will place the chain mounted on a structure (spider) that fits the base with a simple “click” hence its ease.

Metallic Chains

They are “lifelong,” although they have existed with different systems; currently, most are chain steps (there are some with the rigid outer part in the form of a tire to facilitate their placement), with a fixed inner part, and for the outer part is tightened and fixed. You have to practice putting them dry, so when we have to use them, we know how to do it. Once in place, you have to advance a few meters to finish tightening them. They offer maximum security and are durable.

Snow tires – winter – contact

It may be the most radical or, apparently, the most expensive solution, but it is not. It is the safest and the cheapest in the long run. It is the best solution since it is not necessary to stop to carry out any assembly, they allow us to circulate at any speed (with the necessary caution in case of snow or ice), it does not harm the vehicle, and they do not take up space.

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