Medicated Dog Wipes Alcohol Free , Quick Bath Dog Wipes Multipurpose



1)Vitamin Enriched
2)Lingettes Toilette Nettoyantes Premium Formula

  • Gently cleans dirt & debris
  • Helps manage normal shedding
  • Prevents discoloration from tear stains

Associated Group has been a trusted leader in the health and wellness industry in China for more than 30 years.
Our premium pet grooming products are designed to be the perfect complement to Pets Cleaning supplements. Enriched with the highest quality vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients, they thoroughly clean your dog’s coat, leaving it incredibly soft, lustrous and fresh smelling, while gently soothing the skin.

Our Pets Cleansing and Grooming Wipes help to keep your dog fresh. For best results, use with Medglory Pet Cleaning Wash Gloves to help build a healthy coat from the inside out.



Use Wipe
Dimensions 20 X 15cm
Material Nonwoven spunlace
Scent Ocean Breeze
Main ingredients Purified water, mild cleanser, Vitamin and aloe vera Enriched
Packaging 80 wipes
Brand OEM or as your brand
Free sample Available

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